Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Top 10 Trusted Websites to Buy Backlinks for Your Site In 2017

As you know, niche sites are websites which targets on specific and particular topic. These websites focus on distinct information which is constrained to a main topic and only information about that content is available. The terms we use as a keyword for these sites are very specific.

The information that is represented on these websites is very useful for people and is entertaining and interesting as well. The sites discuss about the specific content that talk about a particular subject only. The subject can be videos, article, contents or a blog post as well. There can be other forms of delivering knowledge like podcasts etc.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution Gadget

The Attribution gadget is the gadget in the footer that says "Powered by Blogger". If you have tried to remove this then you may of noticed this gadget is locked into you blog. to unlock it,follow the next steps:

Thursday, 5 January 2017

How To Delete A Blogger Blog Permanently In 5 Minutes (+ FAQs)

You’re reading this chances are you have made the decision to delete your blogger blog or account.

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms that allows you to create your own blog for free without any charges.

You don’t have to worry about hosting, technical stuff or anything like that. That’s why many people jump over to blogger to start their first blog and that’s absolutely fine.

However, at some point, you realize that you no longer want to maintain it and want to delete your old blogger blog account.

There could be many reasons, you made the mistake with your first blog, you did everything wrong or whatever the reason may be.

So how can you permanently delete your blogger blog or account? This post is going to give you a step by step guide to delete a blogger blog. I also added answers to some most frequently asked questions about deleting a blogger account or a blog to remove any doubts you have.

Warning: Deleting your blog will remove everything including posts and pages.

How to delete a blogger blog permanently?

Top 5 Ways to Impress Influential Bloggers

Before you trip over yourself trying to pitch top bloggers it helps to know what works and what doesn’t.
Being on both sides of the fence – reaching out to big dawg bloggers and being pitched myself – I have spotted how to resonate strongly with influencers. And how to cheese people off.
Follow these 5 tips to woo successful bloggers.

1: Comment on their Blog Posts
Commenting on Blogging Tips Dot Com helped open the door for me to guest post on Blogging Tips Dot Com. Zac said so.

Seriously, I posted a few comments on this respected blogging website, improved my writing skills and laid the framework for a sweet guest posting gig.

Comment on top blogs related to your niche. Write 3-4 paragraph comments. Use names. Thank bloggers for their time.

If you need a commenting guide check out my in depth blog commenting eBook.